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Apartment Hunting 101- What to look out for and questions to ask.

Getting an apartment or moving into a new house can be a daunting task. Here, we have listed six (6) excellent tips to get you started on your way to finding your new home.

Have a Budget: The key thing here is to be unsentimental a.k.a use your regular income NOT the bonus in your hand as a basis. Ask yourself how much you can afford to spend on your apartment (rent, fittings, utilities, groceries, e.t.c). A popular strategy is the 30% rule which means dedicating 30% of your gross income to rent (A.K.A Cut your coat according to your monthly size.)

Check for Cell Phone Reception Quality: What use is your phone without service or wifi? In this age, no signal is akin to no light!!! Test the cell phone reception in your intended apartment. Try to make a call or surf the net to determine the quality of network providers within the area and if it suits your digital needs.

Carry out a thorough inspection: To avoid stories that touch, you need to properly inspect and look out for details like (cracked walls, electrical outlets that are blackened, lighting fittings that don’t fit, doors that refuse to close, windows without hinges, closets with mildew, bathrooms that don’t flush, sinks that look like biohazards e.t.c) Not all that’s flashy turns out to be gold. if the house looks too good to be true… shine your eyes.

Be aware of the season: Calling all Ikorodu, Badagry, Isheri, Lekki, Ikate, Agungi, Chevron, Kuje, Kubwa, Gwagwalada residents. When renting beware of the annual rainy season flood factors! When inspecting, watch out for watermarks, the drainage network, and signs of algae on buildings. This is extremely important, especially in areas prone to flooding

Check for noise level…Churches, Mosques, or Clubs nearby!

Imagine trying to sleep and zazzu keeps blaring next door or the neighboring Church decides to host a one-week marathon vigil OR the Mosque’s speakers happen to face your bedroom window!! No one enjoys noise except you are an owambe specialist (Sorry guys). So it is important to get a sense of the environment so you don’t end up losing your mind over what could have been avoided.

Ask Questions: Our people say “Na the person wey wear shoe dey know where e de pain am o!” ASK QUESTIONS, put on a cheery smile and ask any neighbor around for questions, most times, they will happily share details including their pet peeves. Questions like “How do you manage parking? What is the water like? What do you like most living here? What happened to the previous tenant? Does the neighborhood have curfews?” trust us…you will be glad you remembered to ask!

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