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THE REBIRTH – Providing economic emancipation through home ownership


I am delighted to pen this note after a six-year sabbatical as a private developer and the CEO of our company. As you may be aware, I spent that period in public service contributing my quota to the advancement of our collective well-being as Nigerians.It is poignant that just as we originally birthed the dream of making housing an attainable vision in May 2000; nineteen years later in June 2019, we initiated the next step in the evolution of our vision to be the leading provider of affordable housing solutions in sub-Saharan Africa.As the year draws to a close, I am energized by the opportunities presented by our nation’s new economic outlook focused on creating wealth locally and stimulating local production. This outlook which coincides with the makeover of our organization is indicative of the fact that our vision and the mission ahead are attainable.

In 2000, when we flagged off flexible home ownership and development of gated communities, we were pioneering innovators and could never have imagined the huge changes that the sector would experience. Both of the pilot communities – Heritage Place, along Monastery Road in Sangotedo and Ocean Bay, Lafiaji Lekki developed over ten years ago as nearly impossible and far-fetched dreams are now like the “old uncles” in their respective neighborhoods. Thankfully, though mature communities, BOTH of them remain compelling and attractive manifestations of how a planned community should look and feel!! Our operating companies (formerly Legacy Holdings / Legacy Realties) now known as Octo5 Holdings and Octo5 Estates have been overhauled and refocused to drive the various exciting initiatives, we are bringing to the market. We have secured and are completing strong alliances with investors and development associates which will shortly enable us to deliver a minimum of 1,000 homes every year, starting from late 2020.

We have also formed partnerships with mortgage institutions and refinancing corporations that will enable us offer flexible terms as long as forty-eight (48) months or optional mortgage plans of up to twenty years to qualified subscribers. We have also reclassified our project categories and now offer mass affordable, affordable luxury and premium homes to our subscribers. In addition, we are creating and will be launching apps that will enhance flexibility, transparency and quality service delivery across our various communities. I am delighted that we have been able to apply all the various lessons learnt from our long years of development experience in creating the various new communities, services and solutions that will be unveiled in the next few months. Our hope and confidence is that our dedication to the market, coupled with our relationships and partnerships, will enable us promote market development, assure good investor returns and ultimately contribute to the goal of making property ownership an attainable aspiration and viable investment for the career professional. We look forward to hearing from you and assure you that we are here to serve!

Thank You
Babajide Odusolu


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